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PRB Mission & Goals

This mission of the Peer Review Board (PRB) is to educate, not to punish, with the goal of fostering safe and respectful residential communities.

Founding Principle

Cornell University is committed to the overall educational and personal development of its students, and views the unique experience of living in a residence hall as contributing greatly to such development. To facilitate this process effectively, it is important to maintain an appropriate residence hall environment.

In order to perform its educational function, Cornell University requires mutual cooperation of its members, both in and out of the classroom. Therefore, the residence hall community has an established set of community standards of behavior that are consistent with the educational mission of Cornell University, called the House Rules.

Goal of the Peer Review Board

The Peer Review Board was created to oversee observation of the House Rules through student engagement. It is the goal of the PRB to educate, not to punish, to maintain student rights and confidentiality, and to act with a manner of professionalism while keeping a student perspective. To these ends the board always bears in mind the above goals in all its actions.

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