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RNSP Student Employment

Residential and New Students Programs (RNSP) oversees the residential experience for all First Year Residence Halls (Balch Hall, Clara Dickson Hall, Court-Kay-Bauer Hall, High Rise #5, Jameson Hall, Low Rise #6, Low Rise #7, Mary Donlon Hall, Mews HallTownhouse Community), Program Houses (Akwe:konEcology House, Holland International Living Center, Just About Music, Latino Living Center, Multicultural Living Learning Unit, Risley Residential College, Ujamaa Residential College), upperlevel student residences (Cascadilla Hall, 112 Edgemoor, Schuyler House, Sheldon Court), graduate and professional student housing (Hasbrouck Apartments, Thurston Court) as well as new student programs and the Carol Tatkon Center.

Mission Statement

Residential and New Student Programs furthers the academic mission of Cornell University. By providing a safe, diverse, purposeful living and learning environment, we support student involvement and active citizenship. Through partnerships with university faculty and staff, we foster students’ personal growth, critical thinking, intellectual engagement, and social responsibility.

Further, throughout a new students' crucial first year, Residential and New Student Programs:

  • Provides an orientation to Cornell University and its mission and values and eases the transition to life at the University; 
  • Offers programs and services that support students' academic goals, personal development, holistic well-being, and life pursuits; 
  • Encourages intellectual curiosity and cultural exploration;
  • Promotes meaningful interactions with faculty; 
  • Provides opportunities for a shared academic experience;
  • Promotes diversity and inclusiveness and integrity; and
  • Welcomes and introduces new students’ families to Cornell.

Learning Outcomes

Residential and New Student Programs aspires to the following learning outcomes through all of our work: 
  • Academic Achievement and Intellectual Inquiry
Provide academic support, promote academic skills for success, instill the importance of academic integrity, as well as, foster intellectual curiosity and exploration and critical and creative thinking through formal and informal academic endeavors.
  • Community Engagement
Instill the principles contained in the Cornell University Mission, according to which, Cornell “fosters personal discovery and growth, nurtures scholarship and creativity across a broad range of common knowledge, and engages men and women from every segment of society in this quest.”
  • Health, Well-Being, and Self-Management
Foster community health and create a caring community in all aspects including: physical, emotional, intellectual, vocational, social, and spiritual health.  Students will learn how to care for themselves responsibly and demonstrate an awareness of themselves in relation to others.
  • Moral and Ethical Awareness
Encourage ethical expectations of the interrelationship between personal behavior and community, encourage the development of one’s own ethical/moral system, and encourage the capacity for ethical/moral decision-making, action, and leadership, instill a commitment to moral reflection, and foster an understanding of the principles of sustainability.
  • Multicultural Competence
Express an understanding of the values and beliefs of multiple cultures, effectively engage in a global society with a global perspective and interact respectfully with those who differ from ourselves and infuse the principles contained in Cornell’s statement of diversity known as “Open Doors, Open Hears, Open Minds.”

Carol Tatkon Center Goals

  • To foster intellectual curiosity, cultural enrichment, and connect the academic core of Cornell with the residential center of first-year student life
  • To offer programs and services that support students' academic goals, personal development, holistic well-being, and life pursuits
  • To advance student-faculty interactions outside the classroom 
  • To create and provide opportunities for mentoring by upper-level students
  • To promote diversity, inclusiveness, and integrity

Student Employment Opportunities with RNSP

Resident Advisor positions - Student staff that live and work within the undergraduate residence halls that serve as community leaders and peer educators. Positions are available for Spring 2018 and Academic-Year 2018-2019. Additional information and applications will be available on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at the RA Student Staff Selection site.

Graduate Community Advisor positions - Become a Graduate Community Advisor (GCA) and live and work among your peers in the graduate and professional student on-campus communities - Hasbrouck Apartments and Thurston Court.

Tatkon Center Student Assistant positions - Actively engaged student staff that assist in developing programs at the Tatkon Center that serve new students in all ways, from connecting students to faculty members, to providing fun study breaks. Applications for Student Assistants will be available from October 15 through November 1 positions starting in January 2018. Applicants must be current sophomores or juniors.

Assistant Residence Hall Director positions - Residential and New Student Programs is recruiting graduate, professional, or doctoral program students for live-in leadership positions in the undergraduate residence halls.

Summer Residential Programs live-in positions - Residential and New Student Programs is recruiting undergraduate students for summer 2018 live-in staff positions to support the Prefreshman Summer Program, Summer College, and Summer Sessions programs.

Summer ACUHO-I intern residential programs positions

Summer NODA intern Orientation position(s) - Two graduate interns will be hired for the summer through Orientation to support the Orientation program in RNSP. Interested candidates need to apply through the National Orientation Directors Association (NODA) Graduate Intern program. More information on the application process can be found on the NODA site. The application deadline is in January 2018.

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