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Moving Out

Fall 2017

Undergraduate students:

Students should plan on checking out of their rooms within 24 hours following their last exam.  

Cornell's undergraduate residential buildings close for the fall 2017 semester on Friday, December 15, 2017 at 2:00pm. EXCEPTION: Graduating seniors who are participating in the commencement recognition event may stay in their room/building until 6:00pm on Saturday, December 16, 2017.

Please note that students who have not vacated their building by 2:00pm on December 15 will be charged $40.00 per hour for each hour (or fraction thereafter) they remain in their building. 

Late departures will only be approved under limited circumstances. Students who are unable to vacate their rooms by 2:00pm on December 15 should submit a late-departure request by email to their Residence Hall Director or House Assistant Dean. Please note that requests may be denied.

For specific instructions, please refer to the Winter 2017 Closing Notice.   

Move-out procedures

Please be sure to return your room, suit, and/or mailbox key(s), using the key envelope that you will receive in your campus mailbox.  All keys must be returned to your Service Center/House Office - or deposited in your building's key deposit box - by 2:00pm on Friday, December 15 to avoid key/lock replacement charges.

> Review Winter 2017 Closing Notice

> Review room inspection & damage charge information

Graduate & professional students:

Please plan to check out of your room/apartment by 2:00pm on the final day of your contract period.  Contract extensions and early departures must be pre-approved by the Housing & Dining Contracts Office.

In advance of moving out, you should sign up for a Pre-Vacate Appointment with a Graduate Community Advisor (GCA) from your community to review the condition of your residence.  While this appointment is not mandatory, if you miss it or do not sign up for one, you will waive your right to appeal any damage or cleaning charges.  Please refer to the information you receive from your Graduate Residence Manager about how and when to sign up for an appointment, and what you must do before moving out to avoid charges.

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