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Air Conditioning & Electrical Usage

Air Conditioning

Undergraduate residences: As a general rule, student rooms in the undergraduate residences are not air-conditioned. However, some residents who require adaptive housing for health issues or allergies are provided with air-conditioned rooms.

Graduate / professional student residences: Hasbrouck residents may purchase window air-conditioning units that meet university guidelines, but there is a fee to cover installation and removal, plus additional utility consumption. Please visit your Service Center for more information. Air conditioning is not available in Thurston Court.

Electrical Usage

Electrical usage is covered in your housing rate. Electric service operates on a 115-volt, 60-cycle alternating current. You must provide an adapter to use an appliance not designed for that service.

PLEASE NOTE that hand-held hair dryers often exceed the power limit in bedrooms and should be used in bathrooms only. In the older buildings on campus, using multiple appliances at once in your room (particularly if you have a mini-refrigerator or micro-fridge) may result in your room's electrical circuit tripping. 

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