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Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Information for Current Residents of Hasbrouck and Thurston Court

Apartments in the Hasbrouck and Thurston Court communities have fire extinguishers available in each unit.  You’ll find your fire extinguisher near the front door to your apartment.  

This fire extinguisher passes inspection!Cornell University's housing contract requires you to inspect your devices monthly and certify in the online form at the following link:

Failure to do so will subject you to a fine of $25 or more for each month missed, and/or referral to the Judicial Administrator, and/or eviction.

The process for inspecting your fire extinguisher is simple:
  • Locate the fire extinguisher.  It should be hanging on its holder.
  • Check that the arrow is pointing in the green zone of the gauge.
  • Check the seal and safety pin to make certain they are both in place.
  • Complete the online inspection log.
This fire extinguisher needs service!The images on these page show a fire extinguisher with a proper charge, with the arrow pointing in the green zone (the top picture) and a fire extinguisher that needs recharging (the lower picture).

Log in to the inspection log and indicate that the fire extinguisher passed inspection by selecting "Y" in the drop down box in the "Passed?" column. If a device does not pass inspection, please indicate that by selecting "N" and provide notes in the "Comments" box. If a device requires service, contact your service center immediately or complete an online service request. Click the "Save" button and exit the page. You're finished for the month.

Important Contact Information: 

Hasbrouck Community Service Center
Monday-Friday: 8am – 6pm
Saturday: 10am – 4pm

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