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Residential Support

Living in campus housing provides you with a built-in support system of professional staff members, student leaders and advisors, affiliated faculty members, and a community of your peers.

Undergraduate communities

All undergraduate student communities have live-in staff support, with the exception of the cooperative residences, which are independent and student-governed.

Residence Halls & Program Houses Each of the residence halls and Program Houses are led by a full-time Residence Hall Director, who lives on-site, sometimes with their families. Experienced upperlevel student resident advisors – or "RAs" – also live in each of the buildings and help lead the community and mentor other students. Most of the residence halls have Faculty-in-Residence, who live in apartments adjacent to student rooms, and/or faculty fellows, who are affiliated with the community and interact regularly with residents.

West Campus Houses:  Each of the five West Campus Houses is led by a House Professor-Dean, a distinguished faculty member who lives in the House with his or her family. Houses also have approximately 30 house fellows each, primarily faculty members who interact with student residents of meals and programs. Graduate Resident Fellows ("GRFs") are graduate students who live in the Houses and can give guidance in matters academic and intellectual.

Graduate & professional student communities:

Each community is led by a full-time professional Graduate Residence Manager who lives on campus, sometimes in the housing complex itself.
Graduate Community Advisors (GCAs) are students who live and work among their peers in the graduate and professional student residences. The GCAs help create a sense of community and serve as a general resource to the other residents.

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