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Cornell Dining focuses on clean ingredients for healthful food

23 February 2018

Cornell Dining has announced it will be adding to its already high quality ingredient standards in several Clean Ingredient categories to meet the Menus of Change principle of focusing on whole, minimally processed food and transparency in menu items. Cornell Dining's commitment to the Menus of Change initiative helps inform the mission to provide a rich, diverse, and healthful dining experience to students.

Dining's Clean Ingredients team has already made over 50 changes to the ingredients being purchased and recipes are being modified to accommodate these changes in Cornell Dining's All You Care to Eat Locations as well as our retail eateries. Students have been informed via the Cornell Dining Nutrition enewsletter about upcoming plans in these categories:

Zero Trans Fat

• 100% of food in our All You Care to Eat dining rooms is already made without trans fats.

Move over, MSG!

• Cornell Dining has committed to serving 100% MSG-free foods by the end of 2018.

No Soy in our Meats. Ever.

• We are committed to serving whole muscle meat with no soy protein fillers.

Nixing Nitrates and Nitrites

• You won't find either as artificial additives in our pepperoni, breakfast sausage, most deli meats, and pizza sausage, and we plan to solely serve naturally occurring nitrates and nitrites by mid 2018.

rBST-free Dairy

• All Cornell Dairy milk, yogurt, and ice cream served on campus is made with milk without rBST growth hormone.

Thoughtful Color Additives

• By January 2019, Cornell Dining's goal is to serve food made with no artificial color additives, using natural colorings instead.

This is only one more step in the commitment to serving high quality ingredients to all customers, and it is one that's an essential part of the core mission. Additionally, Cornell Dining's interest in, and demand for, a cleaner product is driving availability for everyone, as manufacturers and distributors are partnering to help find products. Cornell Dining is working on this one ingredient at a time and plans to continue this venture forward as we lead others on this path.

About Cornell Dining

Cornell Dining is consistently ranked in the Princeton Review's top ten for best campus food among all colleges and universities in the country. That high rating comes from customer surveys, and reflects Cornell Dining's commitment to serving high-quality foods that are healthy and creatively prepared with genuine care for a diverse community. Cornell Dining operates 29 on-campus eateries -- which include all-you-care-to-eat dining rooms, cafés, coffee houses, food courts, and convenience stores -- and serves more than 26,000 meals a day to members of the Cornell community. For more information, visit

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