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Save money and reduce waste with Cornell Dining's Mug Club

26 August 2015

You already know Cornell Dining is passionately committed to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, as well as helping everyone on campus reduce theirs. The new Cornell Dining Mug Club is just another great example! Together we can all save money and reduce waste. You in?

Mug Club 2016Join the Mug Club by either buying a Mug Club mug for $6.99 at any of our participating cafes and coffeehouses, or getting a free Mug Club sticker for a mug you already have.

Buy a $6.99 Mug Club mug with cash, card, BRBs, etc., and you'll get a complimentary 16 oz. cup of brewed coffee or tea, a Mug Club sticker, and a Cornell Dining beverage card with five free punches.

Already have a reusable mug? Just pick up a Mug Club sticker for free, and place it on your current mug.

Either way, you're entitled to the $1.25 Mug Club price for refills of brewed coffee or tea in your mug. Save money. Reduce waste. You in?

About Cornell Dining

Cornell Dining is consistently ranked in the Princeton Review' s top ten for best campus food among all colleges and universities in the country. That high rating comes from customer surveys, and reflects Cornell Dining's commitment to serving high-quality foods that are healthy and creatively prepared with genuine care for a diverse community. Cornell Dining operates more than 30 on-campus eateries - which include all-you-care-to-eat dining rooms, cafés, coffee houses, food courts, and convenience stores - and serves more than 26,000 meals a day to members of the Cornell community. For more information, visit

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