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Atrium Cafe staff nominated for Johnson School award

16 June 2015

Congratulations and a hearty kudos to the staff of Atrium Café, collectively nominated for the 2015 Outstanding Contributor Award for last week's S.C. Johnson Graduate School of Management's faculty and staff appreciation awards luncheon. Josh Jackson, our manager at Atrium, got a wonderful letter from Johnson dean Soumitra Dutta.

Atrium nomination letterThe letter from Prof. Dutta provided a summary of the nomination comments received, and said, "We hope you will be pleased about the high regard others in the School have for you and for all you do."

Some of the comments:

The Atrium Café Staff have gone the extra mile to fulfill business requests (i.e. offering to go to Wegmans to purchase something that isn't carried in the Cafe, which was declined but appreciated); working with other Dining facilities on campus to get the right sushi product even if it involved going to that establishment to pick it up; dropping everything with all hands on deck to fulfill a last-minute catering request for beverages.

On a personal side, it means a lot to be met with a smile and a friendly hello when I see the staff in the cafe. No matter how busy they are, I feel that they don't look beyond who is in front of them, ensuring they get the proper service before moving to the next customer.

The Atrium Café staff are sometimes the only "faces of Johnson" customers see, as many people that visit the Café are from other colleges/units. Therefore, their courteous and positive service makes a significant contribution to Johnson!

The staff are reliable, kind, and courteous while taking pride and being accountable in what they do (i.e. experimenting with making different kinds of pizzas, remembering how someone likes their specialty drink, being welcoming by saying hello with a smile, etc.)

Helpful and accommodating to their customers and from my view, to their colleagues too; hearing them laugh and communicate with their colleagues especially in the busiest of times indicates a good team to me.

Dean Dutta finished by saying, "Thank you for all you contribute to the Johnson School and to our community." Our thanks to Josh and his staff, as well, for the great job they do, serving all of our customers, and representing Cornell Dining in the best way possible.

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