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Student develops Agora Hellenic Grill concept being showcased at Trillium

19 April 2013

Cornell senior Martin Andonov, from the School of Hotel Administration, is showcasing his Agora Hellenic Grill food-service concept at Trillium this month. Martin worked with Cornell Dining's Chef Jacob Kuehn to refine his concept for healthy, high-quality food, cooked from scratch, following a Mediterranean theme.

Martin Andonov's Agora Hellenic GrillMartin's delicious food will be available the week of April 22nd at Trillium, in Kennedy Hall. A sample platter including grilled chicken, marinated steak, or zucchini fritter, plus side dishes and condiments, will be available for $7.99.

While studying in London, Martin began developing a food-service concept based on the business model exemplified by Chipotle, to offer freshly prepared, healthful food, sourced locally when possible, but taking a Mediterranean rather than Mexican approach. A Mediterranean diet including lots of vegetables and healthful oils is often touted as extremely healthy.

Martin is seeking feedback from those who try the meal, using a survey form that will be available at Trillium or using his online survey.

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