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Let Lazybones do your laundry for you so you don't have to

1 March 2013 

Did you know you can bring your laundry to Campus Life's service centers, and have it returned clean and folded the next day? Cornell works with Lazybones Laundry and Storage to offer this affordable service to busy students.

LazyBonesLaundryVanSelect a package by the semester or prepaid blocks of pounds for the best savings, or just pay by the pound with no commitment necessary. Bring your laundry in any drawstring laundry bag to Appel Service Center,Robert Purcell Service CenterCascadilla Service Center, or Schuyler House Service Center. It will be returned to you the next day, clean and folded.

Take a moment to read through the Lazybones Laundry FAQ and get in touch with them if you have any questions about the service, which is available from the first week of classes through the end of the semester. Dry cleaning is also available. Rates are available at the Lazybones web site and are as low as $1.05 per pound.

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