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Tourist Info

Plan your visit to Ithaca and Cornell.

The Visitor's Bureau has the information you'll need to plan your visit to the Ithaca area.You'll find events and activities for every season.There's also information on travel routes to and from Ithaca.

Just a note – Ithaca enjoys all four seasons.Sunny one minute; snowing and blowing the next.Don't worry if you didn't pack the right gear for the weather.There's plenty of local shopping available.

Ithaca has many areas of interest:

  • Downtown Ithaca – a great pedestrian mall with plenty of local merchants and restaurants nearby
  • The Waterfront – join us at the Farmer's Market, a regional favorite
  • East Hill – home to Cornell University
  • South Hill – Cornell's neighbor – Ithaca College
  • The Northeast Area – shopping and restaurants
  • The South Corridor – more shopping, more great restaurants

And surrounding Ithaca, you'll find world-class wine trails, gorges, waterfalls, parks, and a HUGE lake.

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