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Eating Gluten Free on Campus

Gluten Friendly

Gluten free options are offered throughout campus. Gluten free bread, bagels, cereals, pizza, and desserts are just a few of the items that are offered.

In order to best understand what is available to you, it is essential to meet with the Cornell Dining Dietitian, Michele Lefebvre, to review your gluten free options and to develop an eating plan while living and eating on campus. Please contact Michele directly to set up a meeting.

Michele Lefebvre, RD, CDN
Phone: 607-254-2389
Office: 220A Appel Commons


Cornell Dining is proud to offer house made foods, which include less processed ingredients. In the case where a menu item can be made gluten free, it will be. In all decisions in sourcing, Cornell Dining tries to choose ingredients with less allergens and zero gluten.

Gluten Free Stations

Gluten free stations can be found at North Star Dining Room and Becker House Dining Room. They are stocked with many gluten free items and are on a self-serve basis. Dedicated toasters and microwaves are available in the stations along with safe condiments and toppings. Additionally, hot menu items are served on a rotational basis from these stations.

Starting Fall, 2016, Risley dining will offer soups, make your own stir-fry, hot traditional menu items, and a nacho bar, all without gluten! Gluten free desserts will also be available. Browse today's lunch or dinner menus at Risley.


All menus in Cornell's All You Care To Eat dining rooms are labeled for the eight major food allergens: wheat, dairy, eggs, fish, nuts, peanuts, soy, shellfish, and gluten.


Cornell Dining's retail eateries offer a variety of gluten free options. Gluten free bread is always available as an alternative in our delis, and some locations offer gluten free menu items.

Eating Well with Cornell Dining

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