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Your Chefs

Cornell Dining is proud to introduce our culinary team leaders to you.  Our classically trained culinary staff includes three certified executive chefs and six graduates of the Culinary Institute of America.  Please introduce yourself when you dine with us.  We'd love to meet you!
Lorna Bradshaw

Lorna Bradshaw

Chef/Manager, Sweet Sensations

Lorna Bradshaw joined the Cornell Dining team in 2001. She embraces the opportunity to educate students about healthy eating, and that an individual's food choices matter not just for health, but also for the environment and society as well. Lorna strongly believes that good food has the power to help build community through celebrating culture and regional diversity

Josh Holden

Josh Holden

House Chef/Manager, Cook House Dining Room

13 years after he started working for Cornell Dining at Bear Necessities, Chef Josh has taken on the role of Chef/Manager at Cook House Dining Room. As Chef Jacob Kuehn, CEC, the West Campus Dining Operations Manager, puts it, Josh's "passion for culinary arts and his willingness to learn and work in various roles throughout Cornell Dining has allowed him opportunities for advancement."

The last few years, Josh has been lead cook at Cook House Dining Room and in Cornell Catering, as well as operating as a floating lead cook for various Dining eateries, offering culinary support, leadership, and mentoring, before landing at Trillium for the last year and operating the largest retail food service unit on campus.


Jacob Kuehn, CEC

Operations Manager, West Campus Dining

Chef Kuehn is a graduate of Paul Smith's College. His personal culinary philosophy is: You can have the greatest food on earth, but if your staff doesn't support or respect you, your food means nothing. Ultimately, the staff are the ones who put it all together. As a chef, you not only need to understand food and how it transforms from raw to cooked, but you also need to understand people -- their passions, their strengths, their weaknesses, and their interactions with others, as well as with food.

Moore Kevin Jan 2014

Kevin Moore

Chef, Robert Purcell Marketplace Eatery

Chef Moore has been with Cornell Dining for over twenty-five years. Most recently, he was the chef at 104West!, and before that was assistant chef at Robert Purcell Marketplace Eatery. Chef Moore is excited to return to the vibrant atmosphere of North Campus.

Roberts Bryan Jan 2014

Bryan Roberts

Chef, North Star Dining Room and Sweet Sensations Bakery

Chef Roberts attended Tompkins/Cortland Community College for Food Service Management. His personal philosophy about food: Food is a gift; treat it as a gift.

Chef Matt Seeber

Matt Seeber

House Chef/Manager, Rose House Dining Room

Matt is an executive chef and restaurateur with 34 years of hospitality industry experience, including 21 years of fine dining in the Las Vegas, Baltimore, and New York City areas. "I'm so excited to bring all these experiences to Cornell Dining and work with the team to create great meals," he says. "This will be an awesome opportunity for me to dig deep into my repertoire while continuing to grow professionally."

Chloe Greenhalgh

Chloe Greenhalgh

Chef, Ag Quad

Chef Chloe joined Cornell Dining as a Baker at North Star Dining Room in 2008, and moved up the ladder to a Pastry Chef role for Cornell Catering, where she spent seven years. She was promoted to Sous Chef for Cornell Catering just under a year before accepting the promotion to Chef for our Ag Quad eateries. Before she came to Cornell, Chloe cooked locally at Maxie's Supper Club, Stella's, and the Namgyal Monastery. 

Haus Jason Jan 2014

Jason Haus

Chef/Manager, 104West!

Chef Haus has been at Cornell for 16 years. He has held a variety of positions for both Cornell Dining and Cornell Catering. Prior to coming to Cornell, Jason earned a certification in Advanced Culinary Arts.

Chef Haus's philosophy on food: "Food brings people together. I have a passion for creating 'food centerpieces' for people to experience and enjoy."


Tony Kveragas, CEC

House Chef /Manager, Becker House Dining Room

Chef Kveragas has degrees from Boston University, La Varenne Culinary School, and Cornell University. His personal philosophy about food: No matter our differences of origin and viewpoints, we all share a common denominator in our exuberance for foods of our families and heritage.

Miller Steven Jan 2014

Steven Miller, CEC, ACE, CCA

Senior Executive Chef, Cornell Dining

Chef Miller's personal philosophy about food: Look at food in its simplest manner and find unique ways to display it.

TriguerosGonzalezNery2Nery Trigueros-Gonzalez, CEC

House Chef/Manager, Keeton House Dining Room

Chef Nery has been a professional chef for the past 16 years. He was trained in the culinary arts in his native Costa Rica and recently received his certification as an Executive Chef. He has worked in Cornell Catering for the past seven years. He became a chef because he loves that cooking can be simple and rewarding.

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