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Request a Refund

If you have lost money in a vending machine on campus, please follow this simple process to obtain a refund.

Send an email with the following information to both and

    * Your name, Cornell NetID, and contact phone number
    * Location (building name) of the machine which had the problem
    * Type of machine (Pepsi, other soft drink, coffee, snack, etc.)
    * Product (name and price) you were attempting to purchase
    * Date and time of attempted purchase
    * Payment method you attempted to use (cash, card, BRBs, contactless)
    * Brief description of problem for which you're requesting the refund

A credit for the appropriate dollar amount will then be issued to your BRB or MealChoice account, or we'll be in touch about issuing a cash refund or a refund to your card.

That's it!  If you have any additional questions or comments, contact us at

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