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Request a Refund

If you have lost money in a vending machine on campus, please follow this simple process to obtain a refund.

For purchases attempted with cash:

    * Go to any of the vending refund stations during regular business hours (use list below)
    * Fill out a vending refund request – be sure to include the location of the machine which had the problem, and the product (name and price)you were attempting to buy
    * Sign the request log, and you will receive a cash refund on the spot

NOTE: If the vending refund station is temporarily out of funds, you may have to return to complete the process at another time or go to another refund station.

For purchases attempted with Big Red Bucks (students) or MealChoice (faculty and staff):

Send an email with the following information to both and

    * Your name, Cornell NetID, and contact phone number
    * Location (building name) of the machine which had the problem
    * Type of machine (Pepsi, other soft drink, coffee, snack, etc.)
    * Product (name and price) you were attempting to purchase
    * Date and time of attempted purchase
    * Brief description of problem for which you're requesting the refund

A credit for the appropriate dollar amount will then be issued to your BRB or MealChoice account.

That's it!  If you have any additional questions or comments, contact us at

Vending Refund Stations

Building                                                              Location

Appel Commons                                                Room 112

Becker House                                                    Room 121

Cascadilla Hall                                                   Service Center

Comstock Hall / Corson Hall                              Room 141, Corson Hall

Fernow Hall                                                       Room 118

Gannett Health Center                                        Level 5

Hasbrouck Apartments                                      Service Center

Hollister Hall                                                      Room 220

Hughes Hall                                                       Service Center

Humphreys Service Building                               Customer Service Center

Johnson Museum of Art                                      Receptionist

Kennedy Hall / Upson Hall                                  Room 100, Kennedy Hall

Maplewood Park                                                Service Center

Morrison Hall                                                      Room 149

Myron Taylor Hall (Law School)                         Mail Room

Olin Chemistry Research Lab                               Room G75

Olin Library                                                         Room 214

Physical Sciences Building                                    Room G20

RPCC                                                                 Service Center

Sage Hall                                                             Room B17

Schuyler House                                                    Front Desk

Snee Hall                                                             Room 2126

Willard Straight Hall                                             Room 528

Wilson Synchrontron Lab                                     Room 305

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