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Bus Stop Bagels

Bagels for breakfast, bagels for lunch, bagels to go! Bus Stop Bagels, next to the Trillium food court in Kennedy Hall, is the perfect place to indulge your bagel craving. Fresh bagels delivered twice a day from Ithaca Bakery with all the usual toppings and a great selection of house sandwiches, plus Starbucks coffee drinks and snack foods. 




Starbucks Specialty Coffees, Tazo Tea, 96oz Coffee2Go, Pepsi Beverages, Breakfast Sandwiches, Bagel Sandwiches, Snack Foods.



Kennedy Hall, Central Campus
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Contact Info:

Scott Davis
Manager, Trillium & Bus Stop Bagels

Chloe Greenhalgh
Chef, Ag Quad

Meng-Wei Hsu
Senior Operations Manager, Ag Quad & Coffee Shops

Bagel Sandwiches
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