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City Bucks Terms & Conditions

This declining-balance account, accessed with your Cornell ID card, can be used only to purchase food for you and/or your guests at participating off-campus food service establishments. Persons 21 years of age and older can use City Bucks to purchase alcohol. It is the responsibility of merchants to follow all applicable laws regarding the sale of alcohol in New York State. City Bucks purchases are subject to New York State sales tax. Deposits can be made online at City Bucks are nontransferable and cannot be used to purchase tobacco products or lottery tickets. All financial disputes involving a City Bucks purchase must be addressed to the vendor within two weeks from the date of purchase; the original receipt must be presented. As long as you remain a registered student at Cornell University, any balance in your City Bucks account will carry from semester to semester, subject to the terms and conditions of Cancellation/Leave Refunds.

By using your plan card and participating in the dining program, you agree to accept all of the terms, conditions, and restrictions of the Cornell Dining Contract and any revisions to it that may be made from time to time.


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