What fails a room?

If your jaw drops when you walk in… and/or any of the following:

  1. POOR rating given to any inspection point (with “AT CHECKOUT:…” comments added + RHD/HAD alert)
  2. Life safety system not working properly
  3. Lock not working properly
  4. Dent/Hole in the wall
  5. Broken/unusable/missing furniture
  6. Ripped upholstery (beyond minor) or grossly stained furniture
  7. Light not working
  8. Blind/Cell shades inoperable
  9. Carpet stains (beyond wear and tear)
  10. Excessive student damage (fail: massive sharpie self-portrait on a wall)
  11. No heat

Note: Billing is independent of pass/fail; a fail indicates urgent facilities attention is necessary.