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West Campus House System

Communities for transfer and upperlevel undergraduate students

The West Campus House System offers upperlevel students an actively engaged community of their own – one that fosters personal discovery and growth, and nurtures scholarship, creativity, and responsible stewardship.

A natural extension of the first-year experience on north campus, the West Campus House System emphasizes informal interaction with faculty members, self-governance, social and cultural programming, privacy, and independence.

Each of the five Houses is led by a distinguished Cornell professor, who serves as House Professor-Dean and lives in the House with her or her family. An Assistant Dean and live-in Graduate Resident Fellows support each community, as do affiliated House Fellows, primarily faculty members, who interact with residents during meals and events. A House Council comprised of student residents helps govern each House and develop programs and activities.

The Houses – some made up of both new buildings and historic Gothic buildings – each have their own dining room. Most students live in single or double rooms along corridor, with shared bathrooms.  A limited number of suites – the majority of which accommodate five people – are also available.  Historically, the West Campus Houses have been made up of approximately 65% sophomores, 25% juniors, and 10% seniors, with about 15% of the total population being transfer students.

Our housing options vary in physical location and environmental design. Please note that not every building has elevator access, air conditioning, wheelchair accessible rooms, and/or private bathrooms. Please see individual housing pages for more information, or contact the Housing Office at or 607-255-5368.

For more information, visit the West Campus House System's website

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