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Housing Options for Upperlevel Undergraduate Students

As a continuing undergraduate student at Cornell, you have a wide variety of living options open to you, all geared towards the needs and lifestyles of sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

The West Campus House System is an actively engaged community for upperlevel students. Each House is led by a distinguished Cornell professor, who serves as House Professor-Dean and lives in the House with her or her family. The five Houses – some made up of both new buildings and historic Gothic buildings – each have their own dining room.

Cornell's five upperlevel residence halls are located mostly in Collegetown, close to dining, shopping, and social gathering spots. Each community offers residents live-in staff support, opportunities for faculty interaction, cultural and educational programming, and social activities.

Program Houses – or themed residence halls – offer students a higher level of community engagement than non-themed halls, shared through a special interest, lifestyle, or culture. These close-knit communities are made up of both upperlevel students and new students.

For an alternative living experience, some students choose to live in one of the university-owned cooperative houses, collaborative communities governed by their student residents.

On-campus housing is GUARANTEED for all sophomores who meet the application deadlines and requirements.

> Learn more about how to apply.

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