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Housing Options for Graduate & Professional Students

Whether you're a single student, or have a spouse, partner, or family, you'll find a variety of living options available to you at Cornell.

Hasbrouck is a large, friendly neighborhood, home to both single students and to those with partners or families. Hasbrouck is especially ideal for families with young children.

Thurston Court is a quiet apartment building for single graduate and professional students, located on north campus.

Some single students choose to live in one of Cornell's cooperative communities. While typically home to undergraduate students, some co-ops are also open to graduate and professional students.

Housing Options for Single Students:

  • Hasbrouck Apartments – studios, 1-bedroom apartments, shared 2-bedroom apartments, shared 2-bedroom townhouses
  • Thurston Court – studios, 1-bedroom apartments, shared 2-bedroom apartments
  • Cooperative housing – contact the individual houses about graduate occupancy and current vacancies

Housing Options for Students with Partners/Families:

  • Hasbrouck Apartments – studios, 1-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom apartments, 2-bedroom townhouses

Occupancy limits: Please note that Cornell's family/partner units can accommodate two to four people. No more than two adults are permitted per unit. 

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