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Parking & Storage


Undergraduate communities: We recommend that undergraduate students living on campus leave their cars at home. Traffic and parking are very restricted on campus, and most students with cars are assigned peripheral parking far from their residences. Most students walk or take public transit. If you do plan to bring a car, you must register ahead of time with Transportation Services and purchase a parking permit.

Graduate / professional student communities: On-site parking is available for a fee at all graduate and professional student communities. To register your car and purchase a parking permit, visit Transportation Services.


Undergraduate communities: There is no storage space available in the undergraduate residences except for the space available in your room. Visit Big Red Shipping and Storage to learn about their storage options and rates.

Graduate / professional student communities: Apartments in Hasbrouck have storage closets, and some apartments have an additional storage space. Thurston Court does not have any extra storage space. Students may inquire about storage options and costs with Big Red Shipping & Storage.

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