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Laundry Services

Laundry Facilities:

There are clothing washers and dryers in each residential building or community.

  • Monitor the status of your community's laundry machines using LaundryView

Laundry Accounts:

Payment for use of washers and dryers is through a Campus Life debit account accessed with your Cornell ID card - with the exception of 112 Edgemoor and 122 McGraw Place, which have coin-operated washers and dryers, and Hasbrouck Apartments, which has both card-accessed and coin-operated machines.

A laundry account is automatically established for all housing contract holders. You may add money using the link below. The recommended starting amount is $25; subsequent deposits can be made any time. The balance in your laundry account will remain active as long as you live in University housing. Please note that any balance remaining after you move out of University housing cannot be refunded.

  • Add money to your laundry account here

You may also add money to your laundry account at Appel Service Center, Robert Purcell Service Center, and Hasbrouck Service Center. Service centers accept cash or credit card payment.

LazyBonesLaundryVanBulk Laundry & Dry Cleaning:

Did you know you can bring your laundry to Campus Life's service centers, and have it returned clean and folded the next day? Cornell works with Lazybones to offer this affordable service to busy students. Lazybones has been keeping students clean since 1993.

Select a package by the semester or just pay by the pound. Bring your laundry to Appel Service Center, Robert Purcell Service Center, Cascadilla Service Center, or Schuyler House Service Center.

Laundry service from Lazybones is as low as $1.01 per pound. Dry cleaning is priced per item. If you have any questions about the service, which is available from the first week of classes through the end of the semester, please visit or contact or 877-215.2105.

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