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Internet, Phone, & Television Service

Internet Service

Cornell's wireless Internet service is available in all rooms and apartments with the exception of Ecology House student rooms. Please refer to the IT@Cornell Wi-Fi webpage for assistance in connecting to Cornell's secure wireless (Wi-Fi) network.

Ecology House residents without wireless access in student rooms may connect to Cornell's wired network through a wired data jack (one per occupant per student room or apartment). The service includes activation of the network jack, cable, software, and phone support. You must supply a computer with Internet capabilities and Ethernet hardware.

All other residence halls will not have access to Cornell's wired network. Residence halls are Wi-Fi communities. Wi-Fi is available in most University residences. Students should connect to eduroam or RedRover network.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues with wireless service, please visit the IT support webpage for assistance. You are also able to visit to fill in the signal strength field at the bottom of the page. This will help IT to identify Wi-Fi strength in your room/area.

The first 250 Gigabytes (GB) per month of Internet use is included in your room fee. Internet use beyond 250 GB per month incurs a network usage-based billing (NUBB) fee. Please visit the IT@Cornell NUBB webpage for more information.

Phone Service

Undergraduate communities: Because most students have cell phones*, landline phones are no longer provided in most undergraduate student rooms. However, common-area phones are available in all residential buildings for emergency, campus, local, and toll-free calls (long-distance calls may be made on common phones with the use of a phone card or Cornell PIN number.) You may also have a phone jack activated in your room for a fee if you want to bring a landline phone with you. To inquire about phone jack activation, fees, and billing, visit Cornell Information Technologies.

Graduate/professional student communities: For residents of Hasbrouck, local telephone service is included in the housing rate. Residents of Thurston Court must request telephone service from Cornell Information Technologies, and are charged activation and deactivation fees, plus a monthly charge for local service. All students are billed monthly on their university bursar accounts for long-distance service and toll calls. Other long-distance or international phone services may be obtained by using telephone cards.

*SmartPhone phones and services are available for purchase at The Cornell Store.

Television Service

All community TV lounges have wide-screen TVs with either cable or satellite television service. Residents of the Townhouse Community and Hasbrouck can subscribe to Spectrum Cable TV in their own apartments. Other residents should use an online option available to them to view their favorite programs using their computer. Please be aware that Internet use beyond 200 GB per month incurs a network usage-based billing (NUBB) fee.


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