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Faculty Involvement

The following faculty programs help support and enrich residential life in Cornell's living-learning communities by providing opportunities for interaction with faculty members outside of the classroom.

The Faculty-in-Residence and Faculty Fellows Programs:
These two programs virtually guarantee that faculty members will become a real part of your residential community. Faculty members in residence live in the residence halls in apartments adjacent to student rooms; faculty fellows are affiliated with specific residence halls and graduate/professional student communities. Both interact with residents through programs and social events.

House Professor-Deans and House Fellows:
Transfer and upperlevel students living in the West Campus House System form strong connections with their house professor-dean, a faculty member who lives in each house with their family. Houses also have approximately 30 house fellows each, primarily faculty members, who interact with student residents over meals and programs.

Dining Discussion Program:
A part of Cornell's First-Year Experience, the Dining Discussion Program enables new students to meet their professors for meal-time discussions in the dining rooms. The goal of the program is for students to enhance their understanding of courses, to explore related academic, intellectual, and cultural interests, and to get to know faculty members in an informal small-group setting.

Frank H. T. Rhodes Class of '56 University Professorship:
Named for Cornell's ninth president, Rhodes Class of '56 Professors visit campus at least once per year, typically staying in the West Campus guest suites for a week. Professors have included R. Spencer Wells, scientist, author, and documentary film maker, and Robert Parris Moses, civil rights activist.

Cornell A. D. White Professors-at-Large:
Residents of Cornell housing work directly with this program to sponsor events featuring A. D. White Professors, all of whom are eminent worldwide in the arts and sciences. They have included such noted figures as John Cleese (actor, author, lawyer, and Monty Python alumnus) and Jane Goodall (primatologist, ecologist, and conservationist).

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