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On-Campus Housing Guarantees

New undergraduate students:  

On-campus housing is guaranteed for all first-year students who meet application deadlines.

For incoming transfer students, every effort will be made to accommodate applicants for on-campus housing on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis.

Current undergraduate students:  

Students who meet our application deadlines and requirements are guaranteed on-campus housing for their sophomore year, but please be aware that housing options are extremely limited. Juniors, seniors, and transfers are not guaranteed on-campus housing.    

Note for rising sophomores:  

Some students report feeling pressure early in their first semester at Cornell to sign a lease for an off-campus apartment for the following year, thinking it will be the only way they can live with their new friends. We encourage you to explore all of your housing options before doing so – including on-campus housing for upperlevel students (guaranteed for your sophomore year), Greek housing (for those who join a fraternity or sorority), being an RA, and studying abroad.   

Each year we are approached by students asking how they can get out of leases they signed too early.  Many students find that they had not considered all their options, or that their social circles had changed.  Keep in mind that leases are legally binding agreements, and you may not be able to change your mind without a hefty fee.

If you do decide to live off campus, there are plenty of apartments available during spring semester to rent for the following year.  The Office of Off-Campus Living has many valuable resources that can help you with the process, including rental listings, a tenant's guide, and a lease-signing check list.

Note for rising juniors and seniors:  

On-campus housing is limited for juniors and seniors. If you want to live on campus next year, it is highly recommended that you participate in your community's In-Hall or In-House Lottery for continued occupancy (information is available each fall semester), and/or apply to live in a Program House or a University-owned co-op before Room Selection begins. The Office of Off-Campus Living is a helpful resource for those looking for off-campus housing.

Graduate and professional students:

Graduate and professional students are not guaranteed on-campus housing. Housing is currently limited and in high demand. Assignments are made in date order of applications received.






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