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Serving Food Safely

Cornell Dining's number one priority is to serve food safely.

Our Cornell Dining team members complete various food safety courses and certificate programs each year. In fact, Cornell Dining uses the National Environmental Health Association's (NEHA) Food Safety certification program. The NEHA is the oldest and largest organization in the United States credentialing sanitarians and inspection professionals in air, water, food, and environmental quality and standards. We have three NEHA-certified instructor and two NEHA-certified exam proctors on staff.

Cornell Dining is proud that 215 of our dining staff have been certified as Professional Food Handlers and 121 team members are certified Food Safety Managers.  More than 75 of our student managers and student supervisors have earned one of these certificates.  The certification courses cover the information and enforcement of the FDA Federal Food Code including every aspect of food handling and food safety protocol from purchasing to serving the customer.

We take very seriously our commitment to food safety. If at any time you feel that you have encountered a food safety issue in one of our dining units, please contact the dining unit manager or chef immediately to make them aware of the situation, or submit feedback through our comment card system.

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