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Cornell Dining Staff

Kristopher Angle

Chef, Willard Straight Dining

Harry Ashendorf

Operations Manager, Robert Purcell Dining, Bear Necessities, Commissary

Bill Baldwin

Facilities Manager, Cornell Dining

Lorna Bradshaw

Sweet Sensations Bakery, Appel Commons

Margaret Bruns

Operations Manager, Cornell Catering

Troy Buchanan

Central Campus Dining Manager

Dustin Cutler

Director, Cornell Dining

Scott Davis

Manager, Trillium & Bus Stop Bagels

Gary Dick

Manager, North Star Dining Room

Matt Edmister

General Merchandising Manager

George Elk

Manager, Bear Necessities & Jansen's Market

Stephanie Ellis

Senior Dining Manager, Coffee Shops

Evan Fabrizio

Dining Manager

Brandon Fortenberry

Director, Cornell Catering

Eileen Gibson

Senior Sales Manager, Cornell Catering

Kevin Grant

Chef/Manager, Risley Dining Room

Chloe Greenhalgh

Chef, Ag Quad

Jason Haus

Chef/Manager, 104 West! Multicultural Dining Room

Josh Holden

House Chef/Manager, Cook House Dining Room

Meng-Wei Hsu

Senior Operations Manager, Ag Quad & Coffee Shops

Matthew Johnson

Administrative Manager, Cornell Dining

Marijane Johnson

Assistant Director, Facilities

Jacob Kuehn, CEC

Operations Manager, West Campus Dining

Tony Kveragas, CEC

Chef/Manager, Becker House Dining Room

Murray LaLonde

Senior Operations Manager, Cornell Dining

Michele Lefebvre, RD, CDN

Director of Nutrition Management, Cornell Dining

Maxwell B. Mandeville

Catering Coordinator, Cornell Catering

Mark McHugh

FSS Data Specialist

Steven Miller, CEC, ACE, CCA

Senior Executive Chef, Cornell Dining

Kevin Moore

Chef, Robert Purcell Marketplace Eatery

Paul Muscente

Associate Director, North & West Campus, Cornell Dining

Therese O'Connor

Assistant Director, Training & Development, Cornell Dining

Timothy Oltz

Catering Chef

Kyle Pluckrose

Manager, Willard Straight Dining

Bryan Roberts

Chef, North Star Dining Room and Sweet Sensations Bakery

Marie Robison

Sales Associate, Cornell Catering

Matt Seeber

Chef/Manager, Rose House Dining Room

Jill Shufelt

Manager, Goldie's, Martha's and Big Red Barn

Stephen Snyder

House Chef/Manager, Jansen's Dining Room

Brad Stock

Banquet Manager, Cornell Catering

Nery Trigueros-Gonzalez, CEC

House Chef/Manager, Keeton House Dining Room

Susan Whitaker

Office Manager, Cornell Dining

Lisa Zehr

Assistant Director, Finance

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